Amy was born and raised in Los Angeles. After graduating with a degree in English from Scripps College in 2014 and working in LA theatres including at Center Theatre Group, she moved to London in 2015 where she earned her MA in Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary University of London (Distinction). She is currently a PhD candidate in Drama at Queen Mary, researching the politics and aesthetics of London Shakespearean theatre industry practices of being ‘radical’, ‘experimental’ or ‘innovative’.

She is currently a Teaching Associate in the Drama department at Queen Mary, where she has taught on the core first-year course Cultural Histories of Theatre.

As a dramaturg, Amy is interested in new play production and Shakespearean adaptation. She is focused on the role of digital research in the production process, digital forms and methods of dramaturgy including CS and markup languages. She is also interested in producing intersectional, inclusive, and accessible performances.

She is a contributor to Exeunt Magazine, a theatre magazine that aims to provide performance reviews in unique, playful and critical forms beyond the star and grading format.

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