Editor and Dramaturg: Consultancy

I have significant experience as a copy-editor, proof-reader and fact-checker for academic writing and newspaper journalism, and in supporting authors through the revision processes pre- and post-peer review.

I also offer individualised, thorough research support for theatre productions, projects, education outreach and beyond. I can work with you to:

  • organise research questions and strategies for your project and design a workflow structure to bring the project to fruition.
  • provide research support for building dramaturgy portfolios, cases for grant applications and arts educational outreach programmes and events
  • guidance and writing support for integrating academic scholarship on important topics in theatre to wider public audiences

To set up an initial free consultation, please email me at

Rates: starting at £20/hour for proofreading, copy-editing

Previous Academic Editorial Work


  • UKRI Future Leaders Proposal – budgetary research support, budget spreadsheet, proofing and editing all proposal components
  • People’s Palace Projects’ REF Portfolio and Index, proofing
  • Shakespeare and Costume in Practice (London: Palgrave, 2020), monograph proofreading, including entry into Springer Nature e-manuscript software
  • ‘Teaching Shakespeare: Digital Processes’, Research in Drama Education

Previous Theatre Research and Development

Shakespeare Center Los Angeles, 2015

  • Consulting editor and dramaturg for the Artistic Director’s scholastic essay and lecture series about hidden Jewish cultural history as it is represented in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. I collaborated with the artistic director on structuring his ideas, and guided his writing style and voice. I assisted in historical research and created a calendared project outline. My guidance helped the artistic director to narrow his focus, strengthen his argument, and gain momentum on the project

Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles, 2015

  • Demographic research and cultural history research on the Los Angeles region Boyle Heights for a successful grant proposal for an ongoing multi-year community outreach programme with local Boyle Heights organisations, schools and libraries

Previous Dramaturgy

Punk Rock dir. Michael Howcrowft, University of West London, London College of Music, 2016

  • Facilitated discussion with the director to help him work through the text, develop his directorial vision, and create discussion topics for the module based on themes in the playtext
  • Led three workshops for student-actors on dramaturgy and integrating critical theory and thinking into the acting process

Twistov, dir. Sophie Austin, Teatro Vivo/Dash Arts partnership, 2016

  • Provided script feedback throughout the rehearsal and outreach workshop processes, helped to facilitate discussion about the devised material

Bent, dir. Moises Kaufman, Center Theatre Group Los Angeles, 2015

  • Designed, created, and curated a dramaturgical portfolio in a blog format for the entire creative and production team for the 2015 revival of Bent at the Mark Taper Forum. This blog portfolio included mixed media – photos, quotes, images, music – that provides texture, factual and emotional historical context as a point of entry for the actors and designers.
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