As a dramaturg, I am interested in new play production and Shakespearean adaptation. I focus on the role of digital research in the production process, digital forms and methods of dramaturgy including CS and markup languages. I am also interested in producing intersectional, inclusive, and accessible performances.

I was formerly the Early Career Dramaturg Representative for the UK Dramaturgs’ Network (2016 – 2017), for which I launched the monthly Stammtisch program. I am also a member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (LMDA).

Recent Work:

  • PUNK ROCK (dir. Michael Howcroft), University of West London (London School of Music), 2016
  • TWISTOV (dir. Sophie Austin), Teatro Vivo and Dash Arts, London, 2016
  • BENT (dir. Moises Kaufman), Center Theatre Group Los Angeles – assistant dramaturg, 2015
  • Literary Fellow, Center Theatre Group Los Angeles, 2015
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